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  • Hurricane Tree Specialists in Tampa

    “Providing top quality full spectrum holistic tree care grounded in science that
    is conducive to the improved health, safety and longevity of valuable specimen trees.”

  • Hurricane Tree Specialists in Tampa

    “Providing top quality full spectrum holistic tree care grounded in science that
    is conducive to the improved health, safety and longevity of valuable specimen trees.”

Welcome to Hurricane Tree Care Company in Tampa

Hurricane tree specialists are a Florida based team of professional arborists formed in 1992, in the wake of Hurricane Andrew. We are a family owned and operated collective of tree specialists dedicated to providing the best tree care available. Our focus is on providing full spectrum holistic tree care from the root to the crown.

Our services

Tree Health Evaluation & Consultation

Hurricane Tree Specialists offers year round reliable professional evaluations and consultations, along with correct tree health diagnosis...

Tree Cabling Lightning Protection

As current flows down a tree and moves from the roots into the soil, a great difference in electrical potential exists...

Disaster Response & Recovery

Frequently, these trees have been uprooted or severely fractured by high winds. Lightning damage, flooding and soil erosion are sometimes...

Hazardous Extractions

That said the subject of tree removal is indeed a broad one that encompasses a myriad of possible scenarios ranging from the simple to the elaborate. During simple take down operations...

Tree Pruning

Tree pruning, elevating, and dead wooding of trees, are three of the most common arboricultural practices, and ideally should begin while the...

Tree Planting

rees and shrubs are the frame work of most landscapes and gardens, and most assuredly add considerable value to any landscape. They are the quiet...

Soil Remediation

Natural native soils are the result of thousands of years of biological, chemical and physical weathering (erosion of bedrock). Geologically...

Why Choose Us

Among the benefits of trees are clean air, shade, and protection of the environment. Unfortunately, we are losing thousands of trees every year as a result of supply and demand and deforestation.


We genuinely care about the health and stability of the trees under our care.


We also include tree health and structure evaluations with most services we offer.


We are very passionate about the work we do and it shows in the thoroughness and quality of the services we provide.

Hello and welcome, I am Steven Braden, owner/operator and senior arborist at Hurricane Tree Specialists. I will be your guide on this virtual tour of our company.

If you’re visiting us here, chances are that you are interested in tree preservation and want to provide the best care possible to ensure the future health, safety and longevity of your trees.

Or perhaps it is because you’ve had bad experiences that have left you frustrated, and downright aggravated in your past dealings with sub-par, unknowledgeable or otherwise unprofessional tree service companies. Unfortunately, the sad fact is that there are indeed many such entities operating these days that actually end up destroying the very same trees entrusted to their care over time, some sooner rather than later.

If this is you, the good news is that your present search has brought you to the right place. Here at Hurricane Tree Specialists, we take a broad holistic approach to the trees we provide care for. As such we view them from a biological standpoint, as indeed, they are living breathing organisms.

Arboriculture is the study of tree structure and function, hence the interplay of form and physiology. From this perspective, we seek to identify and address root causes of pathology and not just in treating symptoms as has become the habit of many.

Needless to say, this approach is far superior to the hit or miss strategies employed by the larger majority of so called professional tree service companies, who’s primary focus is on production, i.e. “(get it on the ground, get it in the truck and, get to the next job)”

From this perspective, we are better able to identify patterns of abnormality, and nail down specific details. Thus we can provide properly tailored tree care regimens that are well grounded in science and its practical application to tree care in the real world.

We have created this website in the hopes of educating our customers and clients on the merits and methodologies of proper tree care, thereby separating fact from fiction, and to encourage them in being proactive rather than reactive in providing care for their trees. Also we wanted to give any and everyone the opportunity to research us before making a decision to hire. It is my sincere hope that all who may visit us here will find the information on this site helpful in reaching that important decision.

If you have a tree or trees you feel need some attention, or are unsure about, I would encourage you to give us a call or send an email. Perhaps you have been told that your tree should be removed. In this case, I would likewise encourage you to reach out and call the doctor before calling the coroner and get a second opinion.

Whatever the case may be, we can provide reliable sound advise on which trees are viable, along with scientifically designed protocols to ensure their continued health safety and longevity and, which if any should be removed. So call the professionals at Hurricane Tree Specialists, and go with the team trusted by your friends and neighbors to get the job done right the first time, its a decision you won’t regret.

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